Skin Conditions

Skin checks

Skin Checks

Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the US with 1 in 5 Americans developing a form of skin cancer in their lifetime. If you are concerned about a spot or have a history of prolonged sun or tanning-bed exposure, make an appointment with Dr. Ducharme to get evaluated. When spotted early, even the deadliest forms of skin cancer have an extremely high cure rate. Dr. Ducharme is Iowa’s expert in skin cancer.


Skin growths, Moles & Cysts

Worried about a mole, a cyst or some other skin irregularity or growth? Ducharme Dermatology can evaluate, remove and analyze any suspicious skin growths to provide peace of mind and, if necessary, provides a range of treatment options for anything that is not determined to be benign. We also provide cosmetic removals of any skin tags or other growths that are not causing irritation or discomfort.



Warts are contagious non-cancerous skin growths that occur when a virus infects the top layer of skin. They are commonly skin colored and rough, but can sometimes also be dark and smooth. While warts often go away on their own, you should consider seeing a dermatologist if your warts hurt, if they won’t go away, or if you have many of them. Ducharme Dermatology offers in-house topical products along with excision and cryotherapy as treatment options.